Correctional HealthCare Consultants has more than 23 years of management experience in correctional facilities and are experts in the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the American Correctional Association accreditation. Bringing a unique understanding of both the security and healthcare aspects of the correctional environment, we are able to assist correctional healthcare programs with their operational and accreditation needs. We have worked with statewide Departments of Correction as well as private vendors. We will develop programs based upon the facility’s needs, always considering the unique security issues of each facility. When a private healthcare vendor is used, Correctional HealthCare Consultants will audit their contract compliance and quality of care performance.

Correctional HealthCare Consultants has experience with legal cases involving medical care and security issues in the correctional environment.  We will prepare an opinion regarding alleged nursing malpractice and correctional administrative failures after an in-depth medical record and facility record review. If the case progresses to trial, Correctional HealthCare Consultants’ staff will testify as an expert witness.

Correctional HealthCare Consultants has designed a complete Medical and Mental Health Nursing Orientation Program for a large private correctional healthcare company. We are able to complete a staff needs assessment and develop an orientation program or specific in-service programs addressing the identified areas of deficiency. Dr. Roscoe is a Police Officer Training and Standards certified guest instructor for Georgia P.O.S.T. Correctional HealthCare Consultants is certified as a Continuing Education Provider through the California Board of Registered Nursing and now offers online Continuing Education classes in topics specific to the Corrections environment.
The Correctional Nurse Educator website offers accredited continuing education classes that can be accessed at times best suited to the student's schedule.

Correctional HealthCare Consultants also publishes
Nursing Behind the Wall, an online educational and support resource for healthcare staff working in Corrections.